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Our group develops microwave and millimeter-wave instrumentation for applications in radio astronomy and quantum information science. We work at the intersection of engineering, materials science, and physics.

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Latest publications

Taeyong and Jaeyun submit paper on the origin of micron-scale mean free paths of acoustic excitations in amorphous silicon. Jul. 30, 2020

Alex and Peishi submit paper on calculating electronic noise in semiconductors from first-principles. Sept. 23, 2020


Austin's work on anharmonic localization in lead selenide published as an APS science highlight here.

Feb. 18, 2020

Benjamin passes candidacy. Congratulations!

Sept. 15, 2020

Taeyong successfully defends his thesis!

Congratulations Dr. Kim!

Aug. 27, 2020

Shi-Ning and Adrian submit paper on using Quantum Imaginary Time Evolution to calculate finite-temperature properties of spin systems. Sept. 8, 2020

Yang publishes paper on electronic structure of nickel oxide and manganese oxide using coupled cluster theory. Apr. 27, 2020

Jaeyun successfully defends his thesis!

Congratulations Dr. Moon!

Dec. 11, 2019



Answering fundamental questions in physics and cosmology requires precision in measurement at or beyond the standard limits imposed by quantum mechanics. Our group’s overarching goal is to advance the science and technology of measurement that allows these questions to be answered. Our present research is divided into three thrusts.

Low noise transistor microwave amplifiers

We are developing transistor microwave amplifiers used in radio astronomy and other fields that operate near the standard quantum limit of noise. Read more here.

Transport and fluctuation phenomena in semiconductors

We are advancing ab-initio methods to compute high-field transport and fluctuation phenomena in solids without any adjustable parameters. Read more here.

Quantum simulation

We are developing algorithms for quantum simulation on near-term quantum hardware as well as examining how theoretical proposals for error correction schemes perform on near-term devices in the presence of non-idealities such as cross-talk. Read more here


Principal Investigator

Austin J. Minnich

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics

Professional Preparation

BS University of California Berkeley, 2006

MS Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011 


Professor, California Institute of Technology, 2017-Present

Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology, 2011-2017

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Current group members

BS, University of British Columbia

Research interests:
Quantum simulation, quantum error correction.

Joined group: 2020
BS, University of Chicago

Research interests:
Quantum simulation, quantum algorithms

Joined group: 2019
BS, University of Texas at Arlington

Research interests:
Electronic fluctuations, low-noise amplifiers.

Joined group: 2019
BS, Georgia Tech

Research interests:
First-principles hot electron noise in semiconductors.

Joined group: 2019
BS, National University of Singapore

Research interests:
Quantum simulation, quantum algorithms.

Joined group: 2018
BS, Georgia Tech

Research interests:
Electron transport in heterojunction bipolar transistors, low-noise amplifiers.

Joined group: 2018
BSE, University of Connecticut

Research interests:
Charge transport and fluctuations in semiconductors, low-noise amplifiers.

Joined group: 2017
BS, University of Florida

Research interests:
First-principles hot electron noise in semiconductors.

Joined group: 2016
BS, University of Science and Technology of China

Research interests:
Ab initio wavefunction methods, tensor networks.

Joined group: 2017
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research interests:
Quantum dynamics, tensor networks.

Joined group: 2016
BS, University of Connecticut

Research interests:
Cell-free expression, synthetic cells, trans-membrane channels.

Joined group: 2016
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Fall 2020

ME 11a: Thermal Science

 This term of ME 11 is an introduction to classical thermodynamics. We will emphasize the first and second laws of thermodynamics for closed and open systems, and introduce the relations between thermodynamic properties.



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Minnich Lab

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